Current WIP


(c) Enter the Greenhouse

I have been working on Tanis Lavallee’s Vector wrap pattern for the last year!  It is my go-to pattern when I just wish to knit and not think, or if I don’t have another project pressing.

I can’t wait to have this particular piece done (so I can wear it!), but I will miss it when it is completed too.  Knitting a big project like this is like getting to know a new friend.  Once introductions are complete, you slowly begin the conversation, send out basic inquiries regarding career/ partner/ hobby info, get to know the ins and outs of each other’s personality.  Getting to know your new project is the same:  you’ve introduced yourself to the pattern and your yarn, you investigate tentatively how the fibres feel in your hands as you navigate the directions by needles or hook, you get to know the personality of your project and see where your journey is headed together.  Inevitably, you learn to love or hate your work, and choose to continue the relationship, or to rip it or frog it, and walk away never looking back.  As I have chosen to do with a few human relationships too.

I have enjoyed the journey I’ve been on with Vector these past months.  I’ve learned the pattern by heart so there is a lot of comfort in knowing this piece so well, a piece I can work on while watching TV, listening to a book or music, or chatting with others.  A project that gives me comfort when I’m tired or frustrated, when I’m happy and content.  We all know that friendships change and evolve over time, so I look forward to when this work-in-progress grows to a point when its purpose can offer me the same comfort I get from my human connections.  Ahhh, to be wrapped in a warm encompassing hug.