Fibre Arts

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How Enter the Greenhouse Knits came to fruition……

As a girl, I grew up with fibre arts projects homemade by my grandmothers. My maternal granny used to knit us all matching outfits comprised of sweaters, toques or tams, and pleated skirts for the girls. My paternal grandma crocheted us all afghans (one I still use today), and cross-stitched detailed samplers. Unfortunately when I was younger, I did not appreciate the sheer amount of time and energy and love that went into each one of these projects for me, my siblings, or my cousins. I did not grasp the effort and emotion that was expressed during the process and reflected in the product. It was only as I was beginning to raise my own children and see my sister and friends pick up their own needles, that I wanted to delve into the traditional ideals that are encompassed by home made items. Moving recently to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, where living local is the norm, certainly cemented for me the need to live and create in an honest way.  From there, I was recruited into an Intro to Sock Knitting class by a wonderful staff member at the LYS and have been knitting weekly with this group of mentors for the last 2 years.  I learn something knew everyday.